Seraphina's Initiation Release:

Seraphina's Initiation (Book Two in the Seraphina Series) is set to release Monday Feb 20th, 2017.

It's currently on Pre-order sale for only $0.99 until Release day! 

Find out what happens when her dreams are no longer a gift...

In case you missed it Seraphina's Awakening (Book One)  is also only $0.99 on all platforms!

In case you missed it Seraphina's Awakening (Book One)  is also only $0.99 on all platforms!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I get asked a few questions frequently so I thought I'd address them here: 

1.) Why write a paranormal and contemporary stories that over lap? 

Why, because it's awesome! I love the way everything connects. I also wanted to show that life still goes on normally outside paranormal stories. People still think strange things are going on they just don't have all the facts to connect the dots like Seraphina. On the other hand, I wanted to show that Seraphina's actions causes consequences 

2.) Why does Nate call her "Sarah" in Awakening's Epilogue? 

Because that's what he thinks her name is. Remember in the coffee shop, she has to correct him. Sera and Sarah kind of sound the same when it's not written out. 

3.) What takes you so long to write books? 

I'm never just working on one book at a time. Sometimes I lose my mojo for a story I have to start working on another to get the creative juices flowing again. Eventually, I find my way back it just takes a little longer than usual. 

4.) What are you currently working on? 

Oh, this question. I am ALWAYS working on something. I have more in the Seraphina Series. I have a spin off paranormal series. I have the last book in the Discovering Trilogy and I have two Dystopia novels that are always on the back of my mind. One day I will get all of them published... one day. 


Series Announcement!

Because of the great response I've had from readers. I have decided to make Discovering April into a series of sorts.

It will be a total of three books.

ALL three books can be read as stand-alones with each having their own separate stories.
BUT -- each have an overlapping cast of characters. 

The Discovering Series: 
Discovering April (Currently on Amazon) 
Uncovering Officer Smith (Coming Spring of 2016) 
Recovering ____ (To be written)

Okay, now back to the writing cave. 

Synopsis Reveal For Uncovering Officer Smith

Who is (Im)patiently waiting for Uncovering Officer Smith? 

While it's not quite finished yet ... here's a sneak at the synopsis: 

John Smith has been hurt before by a mysterious blonde that tumbles out of his cop car. Since she stomped on his heart, he's made sure he'll never feel that way again. He has developed two rules: Never more than one night and never a blonde. 

The nerdy and conservative Becca Swanson has a plan for her life: College, law school, and rule the world. Nothing and no one will get in her way. That is, until she wakes up in a stranger's bedroom with no recollection of the night before. 

This one tumultuous night caused these two to cross paths. Becca is everything John told himself he didn't need. Smart, sexy, and -- blonde. When she becomes the victim of one of his cases he finally can't deny the connection anymore. Worst of all, he's beginning to fall harder than ever before.

It throws his rules and her plans out the window. Could it have been fate? Or will it become the biggest mistake either of them has ever made? 




Title Reveal

I have some exciting news to announce! I'm finishing up my first draft of my new project. I've gotten so many emails and great feedback about Discovering April that I came up with this new story: 
It centers around the mysterious Officer Smith, two years in the future from the epilogue of Discovering April.  

Although, Jared & April do make an appearance they are secondary characters in this novel. 

I have also decided that I might make this a trilogy of sorts. All can be read as standalones, but the characters and town are still the same throughout the three books. 

Official Title will be::: Uncovering Officer Smith 

The book will be told in alternating point of views, this is a snippet of Officer John Smith through someone else's eyes:

NaNoWriMo2015 Participant

Its National Write A Novel Month! Last year, I attempted this ludicrous idea of trying to write 50k words in 30 days. Somehow through the blood, sweat, and tears -- I did it! The story of April was born! 

This year I will be attempting it again! I am currently working on a spin off of the April story. I've gotten quite a few emails and read some reviews where people are asking for more about Jared & April. Unfortunately, this story is not about them. BUTTTT-- They both make a surprise appearance in this tale. 

This story is about that mysterious Officer John Smith! Even writing his character, I knew there was more to him. There was a reason he was drawn to April, a reason he couldn't let her go. So, this is his love story. You find out just how much Ms. April Landau affected him. 

The book will be a dual point of view between him and another character ;) It will encompass college issues, of alcoholism, obnoxious fraternity boys, a promiscuous roommate, failing classes and of course heart break. I'll bring you back on campus to North Commons University a few years in the future and introduce some fun quirky new characters. 

Back into the writing cave I go! Wish me Luck! 

Why I re-enrolled in Kindle Unlimited

There's much controversy and opinions over the new Kindle Unlimited and updates. Here's my experience:  

Since I self published my first book back in December 2013, I have seen that most (if not all) of my monthly sales were on Amazon. So, I made the much debated decision to pull out of Barnes & Noble and Smashwords and enroll in the KDP Select Program for the three month period. 

From that point on, I saw more borrows that sales. I allowed it to continue to renew. But, when they announced the new changes as of 7/1/15 -- ( Changes such as Pay-by-page and not per sale and the fact that I wouldn't have  an accurate count of sales) I became skeptical like the rest of the authorship. So, I performed my own experiment. 

I didn't renew my KDP Select contract as of 7/28 and even lowered my prices. Here's what happened: 

  1. I re-published on B&N & Smashwords -- Sales were a whopping -- zero 
  2. Even with the same amount of social media presence and email blast on my part AND a lowered price, I sold FOUR books. FOUR frieken books! An all time low for me. 

Needless to say, I barely made it to the 15th before re-enrolling in KDP Select.

Yes, KDP Select has it's disadvantages like exclusivity to only Amazon. But, honestly that's where I have the most of my sales anyway. Every month, I have triple the amount of borrows than sales. Additionally, when I received my monthly statement for July I surprisingly found that I earned more on the per-page changes than I did the previous month when it was based on actual sales. (my book is about 90k words) 

That is just my experience with KDP Select. I have personally found it to be very beneficial. Kindle deal days have helped put me in the bestsellers category on multiple occasions. And, I find that readers are more likely to read a book by a new author if its at little to no cost to them. Kindle Unlimited has been a win/win for me. My only regret is losing potential royalties for those 15 days I wasn't enrolled. 

Feel free to tell me how KDP is working for you. 

The Seraphina Series - Temporarily Unavailable

** Special Announcement ** 
I have been mulling over some changes for a while now and I'm officially ready to announce that as of August 1st, 2015, The Seraphina Series will temporarily be taken down from Amazon. frown emoticon

The entire Seraphina Series will be undergoing a face lift. The series has become my baby and as I re-read what I have written almost two years ago, I cringe. My writing has grown and my creativity as well, so I am currently in the process of re-writing, re-editing, and re-covering my books. 

For those that are familiar with the series, THE STORY LINE WILL NOT CHANGE. You can continue on with the series and not even notice a difference, but for my own piece of mind I will be making them more descriptive and include more convincing dialogue. 
They will be re-released under the same ASIN/ISBN #, so if you have the automatic update on your Kindle the changes will automatically be applied when re-released.
(If you do not, you can update manually via

The re-release is planned for December 2015 (My two year publishing anniversary) 

** Also being released is a third book **
it will either be a Seraphina prequel or Book Three in the series.

As always, thank you so much for all your love & support while my perfectionism takes me on this detour but ultimately I think it will make the Seraphina Series the best it can be. 


Discovering April's Release

It's official! Discovering April is being released 4.27.2015! 

It's currently on Pre-Sale for $0.99!

*Discovering April*

will be on tour! From 4/27-5/1 ! Join me for a week of online fun 

(Schedule to follow) 

In honor of the Discovering April's release! The Seraphina Series will also be on sale! 

New Release!

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be releasing a new novel super soon! 

** Discovering April ** 

(Formally known as NEIGHBORS) 
My final draft has just gone out to my beta-readers and I'm trying to lock down an awesome cover! 
I'm pretty excited because its my first contemporary romance with out any paranormal aspect! But, don't worry theres still tons of traditional drama. 
I'm classifying it as New Adult (College age) Romance because there's some graphic scenes for my mature audiences and it deals with depression, heart break, death and of course sex. 

I'm hoping for a March/April Release date! 

((Not part of the Seraphina Series, but I takes place in the same setting so there are some crossover scenes!)) 

Seraphina: The Angel--- Novelette Released!!

Can't get enough of Seraphina?! Did I leave you with a little cliffhanger after Initiation?! 

Well, don't be disappointed... I have a little novelette to hold you over until I can finish book 3 :) 

It's currently LIVE on Amazon! 


In Awakening-- we are introduced to Sera's dreams and they seem to guide her

In Initiation-- those dreams aren't such a gift anymore

So in Angel-- what happens when those dreams stop ? What is it supposed to mean? 


Seraphina:Initiation Release

I'm super excited to announce Seraphina Initiation is to be released



I have few things going on to celebrate! 

1.) I will be hosting my very first Book Signing 10/19 at the Mamaroneck Library at 2pm!

2.) After-Signing-Release-Party will take place on Facebook at 6pm 

3.) October Blog Tour! Starting October 13th! 

Join me in celebrating the release of my second novel and let me give you guys free stuff!! 

Hopefully I'll see you all there!!! 

If you would like to help me spread the word about Initiation's release via social media, Join my ThunderClap Campaign below! 

Writing Books That Inspire

Everyone writes. Writing is done on a daily basis from diaries to emails, school papers to love notes. Anyone can write something down, it's reaching out and touching people that's hard to do. 

In a world where millions of people self publish daily, what makes your work stand out amongst the crowd? Why should anyone read your book? It's the way you make them feel. I feel like every book should serve a purpose. Whether it is to take people away from their mundane life, shine light on a touchy subject, or to inspire. 

When stories began to come to me I asked myself the same question, Sheena why do you want to write? If I'm going to put my time, sweat, and tears into this-- What do I hope to gain? The answer for me, was simple. I wanted a creative outlet for my feelings that would touch and inspire other people. The first half of Seraphina started out as a way for me to express my feelings through words. The second half became a way for me to inspire myself that better things were coming. I thought if I can inspire myself, who's to say I can't inspire others? 

That's when it hit me, If I'm going to continue to publish books, they are going to damn well mean something, not just to me. They will all have an empowering and inspiring theme that is relatable to readers of all ages. So, that is my ultimate goal-- to write books that inspire. 

My Writing Process

I've gotten a few people asking me about my "Writing Process," so I thought I would share it here for all...  

My Writing Process: I can't say that I necessarily have one! I just write! 

Sorry to disappoint! I'm not a psycho outliner, I don't use index cards, or a dry erase board of events. I mean I'm no J.K Rowling or George RR Martin (yet) my stories a pretty much still one level. I get these ideas or scenes in my head and I just have to write them down. Sometimes they come to me in a dream or I see something in real life and it inspires this whole image in my head. I see the scenes so vividly I try and capture it all on paper before I forget. One scene leads to another and that's how my mind works. And I have to admit I pretty much know what I want to happen and the ending before the entire book (or trilogy) is written. It's just getting there that sometimes I have to break it down on paper and see where more scenes can be added. I outline to put all those various scenes in chronological order and make sure it all makes sense. 

For Example, in Seraphina-- I knew the love story, I knew all about Nate and Sera. I saw her dying in his arms and him needing to save her. I saw her waking up strong and powerful, I saw the scene with the deer and her protruding light like an orb. But I added the psychic scene and the mall scene last minute and it adds something to the book, the mystery. Also, in my first edits Jack wasn't such an important part of it all. But now, he's become pretty much a main character. 

In my first edits, Nate and Sera's point of views were alternating throughout the entire book, but last minute I decided it needed more mystery. So I added Nate's mindset at the end as an added bonus. 

To conclude, my Writing Process-- I guess there is some kind of process here in the depths of my mind, but it's ultimately the story that leads me. The story that is inspired by my own thoughts, experiences and desires. Because in the end, it's the story that the readers are interested in and connect with. Not the cover or the grammar (although they help) it's the story and the characters that will create fans.