Frequently Asked Questions:

I get asked a few questions frequently so I thought I'd address them here: 

1.) Why write a paranormal and contemporary stories that over lap? 

Why, because it's awesome! I love the way everything connects. I also wanted to show that life still goes on normally outside paranormal stories. People still think strange things are going on they just don't have all the facts to connect the dots like Seraphina. On the other hand, I wanted to show that Seraphina's actions causes consequences 

2.) Why does Nate call her "Sarah" in Awakening's Epilogue? 

Because that's what he thinks her name is. Remember in the coffee shop, she has to correct him. Sera and Sarah kind of sound the same when it's not written out. 

3.) What takes you so long to write books? 

I'm never just working on one book at a time. Sometimes I lose my mojo for a story I have to start working on another to get the creative juices flowing again. Eventually, I find my way back it just takes a little longer than usual. 

4.) What are you currently working on? 

Oh, this question. I am ALWAYS working on something. I have more in the Seraphina Series. I have a spin off paranormal series. I have the last book in the Discovering Trilogy and I have two Dystopia novels that are always on the back of my mind. One day I will get all of them published... one day.