Writing Update...

Congrats! You survived the Holidays!

Me, just barely by the skin of my teeth. I'm still in the writing cave, but I have returned to working full time. So, I've had to re-do the timeline. Here is what I have planned for the upcoming 2018 year:

The Seraphina Series is currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited! Read for Free now with a KU Subscription! (Ends April 1st)

March 2018- Cover Reveal and Pre order for Seraphina's Revolution! (The Revolution is COMING)

June 2018- Hopefully, Seraphina Revolution Release!

December 2018- Hopefully, Releasing Recovering Regan

I have also looked into getting my books into Audio format, so stay tuned for that new venture. I'm really excited with what 2018 can bring.

Thank you for staying along for the ride. I have the best readers :)