Frequently Asked Questions:

The Epilogue in Awakening: 

YES!! I know it says “Sarah” instead of “Sera”. It was that way in the first edition. Where he didn’t know her full name until he met her in the coffee house as a Fallen. But I’ve notice that since I added the Nate chapters in the second edition that he does mention her name!!! 

GAH! Total blunder on my part — you caught me.  I won’t be able to sleep at night now that I know about it…but editing/ formatting is expensive. So it may stay like that for a little bit.

Will you do any events by me? 

I took a little hiatus from Events for a while, between moving/ marriage etc. But I have started to plan more appearances especially those local to me in Maine, so check back on my EVENTS section for updates. 

If you know of any book events near you, feel free to email me and let me know so I can look into getting a table there. 

Can I order Signed Paperbacks? 

YES! Of Course! I am working on getting a shop link up on the site, but its a work in progress. You can always order a paperback by filling out this form:

Are you ever going to finish Recovering Regan?

Hopefully, I’ve got a few things to work out in this story. But I can share some teasers! It is one of my only books that DOES NOT take place in Angelica, NY! This one will be centered on a mountain in Aspen. A few of our favorite characters make an appearance including: April & Jared Hoffman, Becca & John, & last but not least, Victoria Swanson herself!

What’s Next?

What isn’t coming. I feel like I have more unwritten books than I do published. I’ve been working on a werewolf PNR book, I have a Young Adult Dystopia I’ve been perfecting for years and about three more romance novels. Not to mention, I do have a Seraphina prequel and spin off mulling around in my head.

Now, if only I could find the time!