Writing Books That Inspire

Everyone writes. Writing is done on a daily basis from diaries to emails, school papers to love notes. Anyone can write something down, it's reaching out and touching people that's hard to do. 

In a world where millions of people self publish daily, what makes your work stand out amongst the crowd? Why should anyone read your book? It's the way you make them feel. I feel like every book should serve a purpose. Whether it is to take people away from their mundane life, shine light on a touchy subject, or to inspire. 

When stories began to come to me I asked myself the same question, Sheena why do you want to write? If I'm going to put my time, sweat, and tears into this-- What do I hope to gain? The answer for me, was simple. I wanted a creative outlet for my feelings that would touch and inspire other people. The first half of Seraphina started out as a way for me to express my feelings through words. The second half became a way for me to inspire myself that better things were coming. I thought if I can inspire myself, who's to say I can't inspire others? 

That's when it hit me, If I'm going to continue to publish books, they are going to damn well mean something, not just to me. They will all have an empowering and inspiring theme that is relatable to readers of all ages. So, that is my ultimate goal-- to write books that inspire. 

Craziest Thing I've ever done..

I just did the craziest most spontaneous thing I've ever done... I just quit my job. Yup, my job. my good old fashioned 9-5 with a 401k and kushy benefits. Why you ask?  Well, that's the best part (in my opinion, I'll probably be reamed by my family later) I quit to pursue my writing career. 

Before you go calling the insane asylum let me explain! I've come to the conclusion that it's now or never for me. I've reached a point in my life that it's either make it or break it. I know with a full time job I will never be able to put my all into my writing. A wise man once told me if you believe in yourself, you shouldn't have a back up plan. That's setting yourself up for failure from the get-go. 

So, here I go throwing caution to the wind and thrusting myself full time into the world of sentences, paragraphs, and above all my insane imagination. Follow me on this long journey of mine.