Craziest Thing I've ever done..

I just did the craziest most spontaneous thing I've ever done... I just quit my job. Yup, my job. my good old fashioned 9-5 with a 401k and kushy benefits. Why you ask?  Well, that's the best part (in my opinion, I'll probably be reamed by my family later) I quit to pursue my writing career. 

Before you go calling the insane asylum let me explain! I've come to the conclusion that it's now or never for me. I've reached a point in my life that it's either make it or break it. I know with a full time job I will never be able to put my all into my writing. A wise man once told me if you believe in yourself, you shouldn't have a back up plan. That's setting yourself up for failure from the get-go. 

So, here I go throwing caution to the wind and thrusting myself full time into the world of sentences, paragraphs, and above all my insane imagination. Follow me on this long journey of mine.