How I'm Finding Myself...

Follow your dreams they tell you. Follow your passion. When you are younger you are asked what you want to be when you grow up. When you graduate High school or college you are asked what job you want to hold for the rest of your life. What happens to that 5% of the population that has no idea? The dreamers? The people that are labeled crazy-lunatics? What happens to them?

For most of my life, I tried to conform. I tried to do the responsible thing. I blindly went to college. I continued to go from job to job as I dabbled in various extracurricular activities. I tried my hand in modeling, acting, painting, reading, and writing. I was searching for something in life, something I hadn’t found. My calling, my passion—whatever you want to call it. How do you find your passion? Is a question I asked myself on the daily.

Unfortunately, for some it doesn’t come easy. That question of what do you want to do, haunts me to this very day. Creative people, like me, get restless in typical jobs because we are constantly strive for something more. We crave to be outside in the sunshine instead of in a cubicle. Our mind like our hands can never be idle. My particular story is the only one I can speak to. I share it here as an example to others that you never know where your life may take you. That striving for your passion changes on a daily basis as does your passions sometimes. Life, itself is a growing process.

This blog is my story, my constant search for my passion, my struggle with normalcy, and every obstacle I face in between. It is meant above all to connect with my readers, be inspirational to everyone and ultimately share my story with the world.