My Writing Process

I've gotten a few people asking me about my "Writing Process," so I thought I would share it here for all...  

My Writing Process: I can't say that I necessarily have one! I just write! 

Sorry to disappoint! I'm not a psycho outliner, I don't use index cards, or a dry erase board of events. I mean I'm no J.K Rowling or George RR Martin (yet) my stories a pretty much still one level. I get these ideas or scenes in my head and I just have to write them down. Sometimes they come to me in a dream or I see something in real life and it inspires this whole image in my head. I see the scenes so vividly I try and capture it all on paper before I forget. One scene leads to another and that's how my mind works. And I have to admit I pretty much know what I want to happen and the ending before the entire book (or trilogy) is written. It's just getting there that sometimes I have to break it down on paper and see where more scenes can be added. I outline to put all those various scenes in chronological order and make sure it all makes sense. 

For Example, in Seraphina-- I knew the love story, I knew all about Nate and Sera. I saw her dying in his arms and him needing to save her. I saw her waking up strong and powerful, I saw the scene with the deer and her protruding light like an orb. But I added the psychic scene and the mall scene last minute and it adds something to the book, the mystery. Also, in my first edits Jack wasn't such an important part of it all. But now, he's become pretty much a main character. 

In my first edits, Nate and Sera's point of views were alternating throughout the entire book, but last minute I decided it needed more mystery. So I added Nate's mindset at the end as an added bonus. 

To conclude, my Writing Process-- I guess there is some kind of process here in the depths of my mind, but it's ultimately the story that leads me. The story that is inspired by my own thoughts, experiences and desires. Because in the end, it's the story that the readers are interested in and connect with. Not the cover or the grammar (although they help) it's the story and the characters that will create fans.