Recovering Regan - Coming Soon!

The Discovering Trilogy, #3


 All Regan Smith asked for was two months off. A winter break free of undecided majors, ex-boyfriend drama, and above all her mother. Two months with her grandmother in Aspen was just what the doctor ordered. 

Chase Hoffman has always been an adventurer. From the moment his mother gave birth to him a month early while hiking the Appalachian Mountains. His free soul made him incapable of settling down in one place for too long. With a restless soul and a craving for nothing but fresh air and sunshine, Chase could never find time to date, let alone have a relationship. But when a girl with sparkling grey eyes crosses his path he finds he can’t seem to get her off his mind.  

After a tumultuous friendship between the two, Regan goes missing on the mountains of Aspen. Chase will find out just how far he’s willing to go for a chance at a life he never thought was meant for him. 

The best stories are the ones that begin unexpectedly. Sometimes you have to get a little lost only to really find yourself, again.