About Me:

Much like Martin Luther King it all started with a dream. The rest one can say is history. If you have read Seraphina: The Awakening I feel like you already know me inside and out. I've worked on the Seraphina books for over a year before I decided to publish them for the world to see. Written from my own dreams and imagination with portions taken directly from my very own journal at times. The first book is literally derived from my own thoughts and tears. When I'm not working, you can find me at my local coffeehouse writing my next saga.

Stay tuned I've got plenty of stories left. I have a wild imagination and a way with words. Which makes for a very lethal combination! 


Anyone can write a book nowadays, millions of books are self published every year from Indie authors. It takes a real artist, a real voice to create books with meaning. I aspire to write books that connect universally with readers of all ages and inspires them in some shape or form. Each of my books will hold a special theme/meaning.