Works in Progress:

The Seraphina Series

Book Three -- Seraphina Vengeance is currently in process-- coming hopefully by the Winter of 2015 

Book Four -- is still milling around in my mind. 

The Layla Series:

I'm working on a spin off series related to the Seraphina Series, but with different characters, time frame, and "perspective."

 I'm super excited about this one it's been an idea I've had for a while and I have to say its turning out better than I ever would have expected.

But, it can only be released after the last Seraphina book 


 Young adult dystopia: 

Imagine a world in which adults no longer exist, a world run by teenagers that haven't aged in years. A world with no rules, no boundaries, what would you expect to happen? Absolute chaos. The story follows Abigail through her life of hiding from the more powerful teens that are picking off her and her friends one by one.

For my Discovering April Fans: 

I received so many emails from fans asking for more about Jared & April, while I feel like their love story is over... 

I have decided to write a spin off--

 Is anyone curious about Officer Smith? While the story is not about April, you may just get a glimpse of them in some scenes :) 


Look out for more books from me soon :)